Daily Dose Of Bane 

You so many of you told me that I was over reacting. “This could never happen in “Merica””!



Daily Dose Of Bon Bons 

Peace on Earth, goodwill towards people, and a glass of christmas cheer. 

The Goodwill was a little more difficult than usual this year; as, not quite a third of us voted to destroy our home rather than let a woman be in charge. I say, “Fine. Go ahead and poke your own eye out but don’t touch mine.”. They have touched us all. Instead of thinking interms of how can I be more warm and fuzzy next year; I have to toughen up and think about resisting stupid stuff that should never happen. So, we think about our thankful list to help create a mood.

My thankful list always starts with the basics; because, I have faced some very dark days. I am thankful to be able to breath and to have clean fresh air. I am thankful to be able to drink and eat and absorb nutrients. I thankful for clean clear water and the amazing variety of fruits and vegetables to eat and bees. I’m thankful for cows and sheep and turkeys and fish and bacon. Then, I start to laugh. I’m thankful for my dog and son and azure skys and the glory of the sun and moon and the stars. I’m thankful for my eyes can see. Then, I start to cry. I’m thankful for a warm dry shelter, soft matress and pillow and blanket. I’m thankful for the window that lets me see the sky. I’m thankful I can walk and there are still woods to walk in. I’m thankful for my mind to know. I’m thankful for my friends and family. I’m thankful for freedom of speech and choice. The list grows and butterflies and imagination that allows space ships and unicorns and dragons is included. The world is beautiful because of it’s variety and differences. 

Be peaceful and that means tolerant and open to differences.

Daily Dose Of Bon Bons 

The tires on the car go round and round much better with tread on them. The smell of burnt carbon and gasoline are not my favorites. Less sliding more traction, now that’s a thing I like. It started snowing just a few minutes ago. I’ve called 10 tire places and been working on getting tires since 8:30 am. At 3:30pm, mission accomplished. To late to do anything else now. At least I can drive with more confidence.

Daily Dose Of Bane 

I just woke. It even looks frigid out there. The magic phone brain says it’s -4°F right now and the feels like temperature is -18°F. I remember when I used to have to get up and go to the window and look at a thermometer to know how many layers I needed to let the dog out.

 Poor babies. Their feet start to freeze while they try to pee. They have baby socks but won’t walk with them on. Sometimes we have to go in and out a couple of times to take care of business. We have to thaw out for a few minutes and then try again. Winter is why I have great affection for modern flushing plumbing……. and electricity. Thankful to not be homeless.

Daily Dose Of Bane

Today I am disappointed. Yesterday we had a local opportunity to get out and show our communal discontent with the cheeto faced shit gibbon and the election. Where were you!? Were you toasty warm at home on the couch playing on your phone while watch some stupid show that wasn’t even worth your full attention!? Were you on FB bitching about the tiny hands hitler but not out show your community that this won’t stand!? 

You need to sacrifice to change things! I signed 5 petitions yesterday alone. I called the Justice department. I wrote an email. I got my ass out in the freezing fucking cold to say “NO!”. “Its too cold.”, OH FOR FUCKS SAKE! Do you want to leave this as our generations legacy?

Get involved for real before it’s too late !

And lastly, when you organize an action you can’t leave before the time it was scheduled to end! Protest trump from 6-8pm means the organizer/ organizers show up before 6 ( done correctly last night ) and you stay until 8pm at least ( done wrong last night). You can’t leave at 7, in the middle, when protesters are still showing up! 

We had 25 people show up and 5 more late arrivals that came while the organizers were packing up and walking off. We need to fight the injustice and can’t do it without you! Please get off the couch and join the actions, protests, and marches. Don’t be part of the problem.

Daily Dose Of Bon Bons 

Jill Stein is an inspiration. She is a dedicated activist. She is smart, kind and honest. I’m done even hearing that all politicians are corrupt and out for themselves. We have a rigged system and only a handful of politicians are even talking about it. It’s time to let go of the old and start a new. Time to progress foward into enlightenment. It’s time to share and care. We had two awesome human beings running for president at the beginning of this year and look what we ended up with at the end of the year. If you’re the kind of person that says stuff like “That’s just the way it is.” you are the problem. Come along with us to a happier healthier future. We will drag you along if need be.